Official UK distributor for Mazzolari


Story2 - Bethany Burgoyne botanicals
18/12/2015 Our first artist commission is with talented Bethany Burgoyne who is a London based artist and illustrator. Bethany’s life-long love of nature, botanics, and a celebration of the feminine informs all elements of her practice and lends itself fittingly to her recent collaboration with Mazzolari. more Read more
Story1 - Augusto Mazzolari
18/12/2015 We are the exclusive distributors for Mazzolari in the U.K. - Augusto Mazzolari begins his journey through perfumes as a child. His story tells of a passion for odours, which began in a room down the hallway at home, a workshop where his father kept all the different colognes, the perfume components and the many empty bottles. Shortly after he creates his first fragrances: MA, Jangada and Monsieur Odar and launches his first International cosmetic line in 1966, with the opening of his first boutique store. Read more