The natural beauty of the east is the source of inspiration for the whole range.The Lotus and the Peony are the foundation of the active molecules of the products. The Lotus and the Peony are the most celebrated and revered flowers in the East; they symbolize classical Japanese culture and its ideals of feminine beauty, purity, and seduction. They are the flowers that evoke the spirituality of the Japanese woman. JUKI NO SHINGYU has been created from the flowers' synergy, in order to regenerate, invigorate, protect, moisturize and resist signs of aging. The pure sea water and seaweeds of the Pacific Ocean have also provided an inexhaustible source of biological elements: vitamins, minerals and sugars which activate and enhance the natural functions of the skin, recharge it with new energy, to produce an immediate youthful effect.Read more
To further counteract the aging process all the special products in the range containing active elements, which have been tested for their specific functions, the result of the most advanced cosmetic research: anti-aging bio-peptides with excellent anti-oxidants, matrikines (which act as messengers of subcutaneous restructurers and repair) in order to foster intracellular communication and generation of NEW molecules through the bio-fermentation of plant materials, all is obtained by extraction processes that are entirely eco-friendly. Finally, they include the all-essential components: hyaluronic acid, elastins and collagens, which retexture, regenerate, and preserve the skin's integrity of the skin.